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Companies Always Struggle to get Correct Skilled and Expert Resources.

Employers are wasting time and Money to get correct resources on board because of the tedious techincal selection process.

Now seat back and relax, we will take all effort to get you perfect resource and reduce "Revenue Leaks".

With our Service you will get Resource with

  • Verified Resources
  • Perfect UX and UI Profiles, CV's
  • Every Resource has gone through Our Rigorous Assessment Process
  • UX, UX-UI or UI - Portfolio

“UX is the intangible design of a strategy that brings us to a solution.”


Shweta Chandekar

Tushar sir is logical n practical mentor with whom you can share your ideas so as to execute exact the way product needed.

Kishore Rao

I went to many so called Institiutes and classes in Pune but I was missguided about UX. Tushar sir given me correct guidance and under his mentorship I learn HCI and UX and I shifted my career in UX.

Nazir Shaikh

I came from Engineering background still with correct and accurate guidance I got break through in UX field. Thank you very much.

Our Student Profiles

  • Students - Freshers

  • Creative Designers

  • Web Designers

  • Developers

  • Architects

  • Mechanical Engineers

  • Commercial Artists

  • AutoMobile Engineers

  • MBA's

  • Sales Executives

  • Product Owners

  • Project Managers
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