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UXQCC - Certifications - CPUE Foundation Level

Build your basic UX skills - 2.5 Days

UXQCC - Certifications CPUE Foundation Level

The foundation level certification attests the holder the knowledge and skills to be able to work in teams on projects involved in User Experience Design and Usability Engineering.

On the right you see a sample of the CPUE foundation level badge which you get after completing the course. You can use it on your social media profiles and your resume.

UXQCC - Certifications - CPUE Foundation Level

The learning objectives include

Principles of Usability and User Experience
  • what is Usability, what is User Experience?
  • what is a user centered design approach and process?
  • what benefits does it bring to the various stakeholder groups?
  • what risks and problems does a lack of Usability cause?
  • why is “Usability” not the same for different systems?
Basics of human perception and information processing
  • what is the subjectivity of human perception?
  • how do we read and visually perceive our environment?
  • how do we perceive colors and what divergencies  occur?
  • what is a mental model?
  • what are the Gestalt Laws?
Usability Engineering process and methods
  • what is the Usability Engineering Life Cycle?
  • what phases, cycles does it encompass?
  • what is a context analysis, what methods are applied?
  • what is UX prototyping, what is it used for?
  • what kinds of prototypes are reasonable in which project contexts?
  • What is Usability testing, what is it used for?
  • what methods exist, with users and without users?
  • what questionnaires are available to assess Usability and UX from the users perspective?
UX in various software development processes
  • How can UX related activities be included in traditional versus agile development processes?
  • what are pitfalls and problems?
  • what are beneficial organizational criteria herefore?
Standards Guidelines and accessability
  • What is the ISO 9241 standard, focusing parts 110 and 210 ?
  • What are the Web Content Accessability guidelines of the W3C?
  • What is the practical benefit of them in a project?

Target audience

  •  Software Engineers
  • Scrum Masters
  • UX&UI Designers
  • Quality Managers
  • IT Project Managers
  • Newcomers
  • Students
  • Marketing Manager

Please note: The foundation level certificate qualifies and enables you to
take the Advanced Level certification.

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“UX is the intangible design of a strategy that brings us to a solution.”


Shweta Chandekar

Tushar sir is logical n practical mentor with whom you can share your ideas so as to execute exact the way product needed.

Kishore Rao

I went to many so called Institutes and classes in Pune but I was missguided about UX. Tushar sir given me correct guidance and under his mentorship I learn HCI and UX and I shifted my career in UX.

Nazir Shaikh

I came from Engineering background still with correct and accurate guidance I got break through in UX field. Thank you very much.

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